Powerbeats 3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Honest Review 2017

             In the area of entertainment, I have a winning review sure to impress. They are the best wireless headphones you should purchase if you’re looking for multi-functional use headphones.

Powerbeats3  Bluetooth Wireless headphones are the PERFECT everyday headphones for people on-the-go, people training and/or working out, and for people who don’t particularly care for the bulky headphones in order to have quality sound.

For starters, there are not too many people who go day-to-day without listening to music. Music has become an essential habit in people’s lifestyle. I personally cannot remember a day when I did not listen to music of some form. I challenge you to think of how many days you really go without listening to music of some form?! With this in mind it’s important that you purchase some quality, durable headphones that don’t attract too much attention and can handle the rigors of multi-functional day to day use. This is why my honest opinion is clear when I tell you the Powerbeats3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are the best!


I’ve purchased so many headphones over the years, from wired to wireless. I was searching for the best multi-use headphones that could handle my professional work attire with the ability to be easily hidden within my dress shirt to maintain professionalism when interacting with clients and customers. It was just as important to me that it also have the ability to handle my need to make calls consistently and not irritate the inside of my ear from the constant putting in and taking out. I also had to have headphones that could handle heavy sweating while working out. I have not quite made it to my ideal modeling body. (You can Smile!) I wanted all of this but I did not want to compromise sound quality. I’ve spent much of my hard earned money going through the trial and error process, but you don’t have to. Powerbeats3 Wireless Bluetooth headphones have withstood the test of my rigorous professional and workout lifestyle. It is rare that I find myself having to recharge them throughout the day. If for some reason the battery does drains, a 15 minute charge will get you through the remainder of your day, GUARANTEED!


The Powerbeats3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are very easy to pair with any Android and IOS device. The battery life is great. They are not bulky, enabling them to be worn no matter the attire. They do not slip out your ear when sweating. They do not compromise on sound quality.


They should have made these headphones much sooner! Nothing bad about them now that they are here.



You owe it to yourself to purchase a pair of Powerbeats3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones as I promise, you won’t be disappointed. ENJOY THEM AS MUCH I HAVE!

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